English version of "Nodo50. Error en el sistema"

Nodo50. System Failure

20 de diciembre de 2011.

"Nodo50, System Error" is a documentary of the trip we started in
July 2011 to move our servers from XS4ALL in Amsterdam to Stockholm.

Documentary movie about Nodo50

20 minutes.
Language: English/Spanish (subtitled in English)
Format: 16:9

At the beginning of 2011, the Assembly of Nodo50 started to consider to
move their servers to a new data center, Bahnhof, in Sweden. The idea of
a road trip was conceived during the initial brainstorming in how to
minimize the downtime of the service and guarantee the safety of the data.

A trip by van: Madrid-Amsterdam-Stockholm-Madrid was the only way to
never loose control of the data.

As the day of the trip approaches, the preparatory meetings and the
intensive work sessions became routine. At some point, someone
suggested the idea of documenting by video the 13 days planned for the trip.

The first of July 2011, we left Madrid, in our luggage we packed a camera.

Today, we present, a 20 minutes documentary out of a dozen hours of
video recording. The documentary includes a summary of the two
interviews with the founder and chairman of our new hosting provider:

We hope that "Nodo50, System Error" manages to share our political and
technical motivation to start this trip.

From January 2012, we will make several public displays of the
documentary, we will keep you in the loop!

Assembly of Nodo50

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